I grew up on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii and I am now living in Whistler, Canada. After graduating from high school I moved to Vancouver, Canada where I completed the Professional Photography Program at Langara College. Once I graduated my journey away from the islands was now blooming into another chapter of beauty. A return home wasn’t quite in the cards as Canada still held a vast exploration of land. I decided to venture a few hours north to a little town called Whistler. My upbringing consisted of white sandy beaches and now snowy mountains. I’m so lucky that I have two of the most amazing homes in the world. I love camping, road trips, the ocean, basically anything that has to do with the outdoors. Summer is my season. Give me sushi or an Acai bowl in the sunshine and I’ll be your best friend. My passion is photography and I have loved every moment in the outdoors, capturing what a daily endeavor might offer.

but I usually go by Kaili.

hey, i'm kaili'i

I started taking photos when I was 16 and have kept with it ever since. I come from a family of creatives so they were all very supportive of me following my dreams in becoming a photographer. When you work with me, you are working with a friend. I like to turn our sessions into something that feels more like a hangout rather than an intense work environment. Come relax and be carefree, immersing ourselves in any given setting. 

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The outdoors is where my inspiration derives, taking a nature of its own within my photography. Clients and I become connected which is what I strive to create in this process, truly unveiling the natural emotions.

i'm inspired by nature

I hope to capture the little moments in life and the small things that make you happiest.

The in between moments, being outside, laughing at my not so funny jokes. I’m here to help you capture what you want and to make whoever I’m taking photos of feel as comfortable as possible. 

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I want you to feel calm and content, lighthearted and fully grounded in your emotion.

Don’t worry about the little details, that’s why I’m here.

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love photography

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Let’s get outside and capture something amazing.